Curriculum Vitae

Abbiamo un piccolo team di professionisti di talento con una vasta gamma di competenze ed esperienze. Amiamo il nostro lavoro e lo facciamo con passione. Non vediamo l’ora di lavorare con te.

Eli Campanelli

Director, actress, acrobat, contortionist

Italian born international circus artist, company director of Akro Kraks. Eli is an actress, contorsionist and acrobat. She is in charge of sales and marketing, logistics and navigation. She also teaches yoga, acrobatics, handstand and gives traditional therapeutic thai massage. She likes it better than being an engineer.


Edwin Sargent

Co-director, actor, clown, acrobat

Edwin is a comedy actor, clown, acrobat and juggler. He is a constant creative force always seeking new ways to provoke laughter and joy. He is the driver, packer and general handyman. He likes it better than being a lawyer.



Public relations manager and guard dog

Peg is a two year old border collie who ensures great public relations for the Akro Kraks. She never tires of bringing you sticks (etc.) to throw and giving cuddles. She guards the other Akro Kraks and the equipment. She likes it better than herding sheep.

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